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2017 – The iPhone celebrates 10 years, Amazon plan a warehouse in the sky and VR moves from gaming to training and education.  From UI to GUI to AR – technology, disruptive or otherwise is driving change fast.


Supply chain management – particularly in the warehouse with its pressure to fulfil orders quickly and accurately, and communicate in real-time – can be transformed with the right approach.

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Conveyor Networks’ core expertise is automation and software integration. Our automation background means we start with the operation on the shopfloor, rather than take an ERP downwards approach to problem solving.


With a Conveyor Networks system, warehouses become ’smarter’, meeting customer expectations through connected technologies and the upward movement of data.

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We stay on top of future trends including Industry 4.0 and the Industrial IoT by partnering with research and academic organisations such as Heriot-Watt University, The Hartree Centre and STFC. Allowing time for collaboration and development means we understand the range of emerging technologies and continue to meet current and future business needs for our customers.


Our location at Sci-Tech Daresbury makes us eligible for grant funded work, speeding up our R&D processes significantly.

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