The robots really are coming!

A live audience poll at this afternoons UKWA National Conference showed that 63% of voters think that Robotics will be the technology that has the greatest impact on their supply chain over the next 3 years.

UKWA poll results

Scoring more highly than other factors such as AI, drones and electric vehicles the technology, which is reducing in cost and showing itself capable of adding value to logistics operations, may soon become the norm.  With labour shortages and Brexit also a clear concern for conference delegates, the potential for automated machines to fill the gap is clear.

With the ability to deliver error reduction, consistent throughput and valuable data feedback, automated systems and robots make working environments more efficient and reduce the cost per order.  They enable ecommerce businesses to keep pace with changing consumer expectations and stay competitive.


warehouse robotics


A successful business is driven by people working together and one of the things that new technologies demand is a more highly skilled workforce.  Rather than triggering job losses, robots and automation can also offer opportunities for retraining and development.

Based at Sci-Tech Daresbury, Conveyor Networks are located within a collaborative technological community with access to the latest research and facilities.  The business is networking with robotics and automation partners and able to offer ecommerce retailers the most appropriate warehouse systems based on technology able to meet current and future requirements.


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