Are packing errors affecting your business?

Ongoing instances of packing errors and sending out the wrong item or the wrong quantities can have an increasingly negative impact on your costs, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Shoppers have a broad selection of media where they can publicise their frustration quickly before moving on.

They have plenty of choice – retail and e-tail organisations offer a wide variety of short term, high profile initiatives to tempt consumers combined with multiple ordering and delivery options.

However a few simple checks and changes to your despatch processes can have quite an impact.

Ask yourself:

Is it a picking error rather than a packing error? Accurate picking is a key stage in your processes and there are a range of manual to fully automated techniques such as RF Scanning, Pick to Light and Voice Directed all of which can make a difference as they confirm the bin location and the item picked.

What is the current check methodology and at which point does it happen? If you don’t have any efficient way of checking the accuracy at the picking point then you need to do it at your packing point.

If you haven’t already, think about investing in barcoding. By scanning the customer order number plus the picked items you have an instant, accurate quality check – as long as all your SKU’s are barcoded.

If a manual barcode system is going to take too long you can use volumetric data to check the weight of parcel going out of the building – but you need to have the volume data stored in your WMS for this to work.

Another option is to introduce a random Quality check of outgoing shipments.

You could even use a camera system to take an image of the outgoing parcel, this can either be used to verify the customer’s complaint and/or it can also check the validity of the shipment (as long as the barcodes can be read).

Further benefits:

Having the automation screening your orders for you puts another check in place against employee related fraud.

Finally you should be able to drastically reduce numbers of data protection complaints simply by having the correct invoice in the parcel.

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