Automated packing solution delivered for Alexir Partnership

Factory logistics and automation experts Conveyor Networks have delivered an automation solution for the Alexir Partnership at their site in Edenbridge, Kent.  The solution will allow Alexir to improve their packing efficiency, maintaining high levels of customer service.

A series of conveyors now take pre-printed cartons from individual carton packing lines and merge them onto a central conveyor where the relevant codes are printed onto them.  They are then packaged and sealed into a main carton which is sent to a pallet for distribution.  The system processes 800 cartons per hour with minimal handling of the product and has allowed Alexir to keep improving their operating efficiency and quality.

Alexir are a leading UK carton manufacturer in the packaging industry producing 150 million cartons a year and have built a reputation for innovation and excellence in a competitive marketplace. They decided to invest in their packing and despatch operations in order to maintain the quality gained from having all operations in-house.

Conveyor Networks are continuing to work with Alexir’s in-house engineering team to provide support and servicing for them where necessary.

Project Engineer at Alexir, Andy Wanstall noted “Conveyor Networks were an excellent partner, their team worked closely with our own engineers to ensure the system met our exact needs.  As a result the installation and handover ran very successfully.”


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