Automation for the Beverage Industry

Our team has been involved in delivering complex automation solutions to the FMCG sector for over 10 years.


We have experience in handling packed products including bottles, cans, cartons and PET, in the production process involving pack handling, turning, weighing, labelling, collation and accumulation ready for palletising . We also enable the handling of palletised loads, with conveyor or automated vehicles, including the supplementary processes of checking, labelling, wrapping and vehicle loading systems.

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Many manufacturers, in the beverage sector for example , face pressures from customers who want more variety, smaller batches and more frequent deliveries – all the while implementing a sustainable agenda.

The key is reducing operational overheads, whilst still having the flexibility to meet seasonal demand. Beverage consumption in particular can swing 25% between low and high months, which can cause difficulties in production and distribution on peak production days.


Technology, holds key.


Many manufacturers need to maximise production and operations in a small amount of space. Conveyor Networks can provide a range of solutions that will ensure product changeovers happen smoothly, that product can be accumulated, or orientated as required or elevated using machines like a vertical spiral to save on floor space. Solutions that ensure process requirements like checking and labelling all happen without difficulty. Flexible and dynamic flow has a positive impact on production with a high return on investment.


The pressure to meet increasing customer demands and maintain continuous production to ensure high throughput can impact on quality. We provide clear and precise automation technology, which ensures products are correctly presented for onward systems and storage. Technology like profiling, labelling, barcode scanning and weighing systems ensures perfect accuracy. Whether you’re handling packs or pallets we can provide the tools to keep quality on track.


Conveyor Networks delivers an end-to-end service from concept to completion, positively impacting the efficiency of your overall operation, whether in production or distribution. High speed conveying, sorting and elevating solutions to keep your palletisation system happy. Robust pallet handling, load marshalling and auto vehicle loading systems that keep vehicle turnaround times to a minimum.

Manufacturing Experience

We offer a one-stop-shop for customised, efficient and flexible automation solutions to suit any business size. With expertise across secondary and tertiary FMCG processes, our range of products and services will ensure rapid throughput of large volumes, whether you are handling cases, cartons, trays, crates or pallets.


Our clients include, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Walkers, Tate & Lyle, Kimberly Clark Johnson and Johnson and Alexir Partnership.