Pets at Home 2018 / 19

Integration of a fully automated picking and packing operation of the business’ Northampton distribution centre to drive efficiencies, achieve greater productivity and deliver real-time visibility across the operation, so it can continue to provide accurate deliveries to its customers.


QVC, Phase 1. 2013

Automated Packing – An outbound despatch system that would keep pace with QVCs sales activity and enable them to provide competitive customer service at all times.


QVC, Phase 2. 2015

Packing software – Data and user software interfaces to improve the efficiency and traceability of the automated jewellery packing operation.


QVC, Phase 3. 2016

An additional outbound packing system, integrated with current systems and able to handle a wide range of products.

Range Plus, Phase 1. 2017

A simple packing system combining a small conveyor system and carton sealing machine with imio-ONE for automated label print and apply.

Grafenia, 2017

An automation and controls system for the packing, labelling and despatch of printed materials.

Automated Warehousing

DHL, Debenhams Phase 1. 2014

Automated packing – An outbound despatch system that would manage the high volumes generated by Debenhams sales activity and enable them to meet a variety of fulfilment commitments.


WHSmith, Phase 1. 2015

Software and Automation integration – Efficient processing of book returns from all outlets.

Kuehne and Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel, Virgin Media. 2015

Automated packing – An automated system that would efficiently send returns kits to Virgin Media customers so the customer could return their equipment conveniently with the correct paperwork.

Game Seek

Gameseek. 2016

imio WMS to improve productivity and track order progress. Real time visibility of stock and processes was required as well as integration and management of their automation operations.

Euro Car Parts

Euro Car Parts. 2015

A software suite that would improve the throughput and security of ECPs manual and automated packing and despatch functions.


Spicers. July 2015.

Automation and controls – An outbound despatch system was required for the Manchester site which handles the majority of end user deliveries ordered through Spicers wholesale dealer network.


Communisis. December 2015

Bespoke outbound controls and automation for transportation of totes containing bank statements from 13 automatic envelope filling machines to a Pitney Bowes Vantage Mail sortation device.


Alexir. September 2014

Automated carton sealing – To continue to provide excellent customer service by improving the packing aspect of their operation.


HMV. September 2010.

A bespoke redesign of HMV’s picking and packing system to improve efficiency, particularly in peak periods. November 2010.

High speed sorting and automation – Consolidated, streamlined order fulfilment increasing efficiency and improving the delivery experience for Play.coms customers.