Fully Integrated Distribution System

Cimcorp MultiPick® is designed for automated storage and order picking of products in plastic crates and trays. Perfect for companies in competitive markets handling high volumes of labor-intensive products with relatively low margins.


Typically companies operating in the fresh food, bakery, dairy, postal and beverage sectors benefit from the MultiPick® solution. With MultiPick® orders are picked with 100% accuracy as human intervention is limited to supervision of operations, release or orders, selection of order picking sequences and transport planning.

Solution Features

Self-sufficient automated order picking system

Buffer storage for totes stored in stacks directly on the floor

Overhead gantry robots mastering the buffer storage & picking operations

Stacker gripper designed for tote handling

Material transfer supplying stacks of totes in and out

Warehouse Control Software supervises the required warehouse functions

Optimise Space

The compact design of combined storage and order picking ensures optimal space utilisation.

Total Picking Accuracy

The dense work envelop of the gantry robot, combined with intelligent replenishment routing, minimises the number of movements and eliminates double handling, thereby lowering costs.

Flexible Operation

The system will automatically adjust to peak picking periods without increasing output times. As order lines increase in size, Cimcorp MultiPick® will pick more totes per movement.

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‘Islands’ of Automation

When quantities are huge and customers are many, distribution centres are vital parts of the production process. Handling and order picking must be both fast and gentle, in particular for fresh products. Cimcorp’s ‘islands’ of automation, which handle plastic crates, are the perfect answer to this challenge.


Cimcorp MultiPick® automation islands are based on robots that operate on an overhead gantry to combine buffer storage and order picking functions into one flexible entity. The robots handle, store, and pick crates of product in stacks. Typical system features include; daily volumes of 25,000 – 40,000 crates per island, serving hundreds of shops, handling hundreds of different SKUs, where there is no tracking or tracing without barcodes or RFID-tags.

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