Communisis Client Case Study

With headquarters in the UK and offices throughout EMEA, Communisis is one of Europe’s leading providers of customer communications for major brands. Communisis has over 200 years of industry experience in marketing, transactional and regulatory customer communications.


  • Automation and controls
  • Training
  • Support and maintenance
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Key Facts

Automation and controls




Support and maintenance

The Challenge

Outbound controls and automation for transportation of totes containing bank statements from 13 automatic envelope filling machines to a Royal Mail sorting machine. Part of a warehouse re-organisation to improve efficiency and capacity. To allow for peaks in throughput at certain times.

Our Approach

Conveyor Networks led on the planning and scoping providing a dedicated project manager. The installation was planned in a way that allowed existing manual operations to keep running throughout while a phased training and go live process was implemented.

The Solution

A bespoke automation and controls system where totes are placed manually onto an infeed conveyor and a control system looks for a gap on the main line moving the totes forward when required.


The conveyor is controlled by photocells at each decision point so that the totes only transfer onto that section if the conveyor in front is clear and running. HMI screens provide a user friendly, real time view of system performance.


Site throughput can now run in excess of 1000 totes per hour 24/7 if necessary. Automating this part of their operation allows Communisis to have a consistent, predictable flow of goods through the warehouse at all times.

The end results
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Space savings
  • Improved tracking and reporting