Debenhams Client Case Study – Automated Warehousing

Debenhams is a leading international, multi-channel brand with a proud British heritage which trades out of 243 stores across 28 countries. They have warehousing and distribution services across multiple sites in the UK. Conveyor Networks were engaged to provide:


  • Imio Enterprise Software Suite
  • Automation and Hardware
  • Order data synchronisation
Automated Warehousing
Key Facts

Bespoke software driven automated warehousing and packing solution.


Fulfilment of high order volumes from several sales channels plus peaks generated by regular promotions.


Seamless integration with Debenhams core Warehouse Management and Carrier Management systems.

The Challenge

An outbound despatch system that would manage the high volumes generated by Debenhams sales activity and enable them to meet a variety of fulfilment commitments including.


  • Next day national delivery for all orders placed before 10pm.
  • Evening, weekend and nominated day deliveries.
  • To provide real time reporting on pre-defined KPIs.
  • To despatch a varied product range.
  • Reduce reliance on manual systems.
Our Approach

There were a number of parties to consider within the project including Debenhams, their supply chain partner and the other systems suppliers that Conveyor Networks represented and managed as part of the project. Conveyor Networks provided a dedicated project manager and a partnership approach was taken to challenges and problem solving.

The Solution

imio logo


Conveyor Networks implemented a software based solution to control the automation and hardware as well as providing the necessary reporting and QA. Imio is a scalable software suite suitable for operations ranging from manual to fully automated single and multi-site distribution. It is API based meaning that it interfaces easily with existing business systems giving complete visibility across an operation.


At Debenhams it controls a complex automation solution incorporating real time packing, label design and print as well as dynamic printing of all customer specific paperwork. All paperwork is synchronised with the product as follows.


  • The product is scanned.
  • Pack slip data is delivered by Imio in real time to a laser print and apply system.
  • Conveyor Networks convey pack slips in synchronisation with the product.
  • Product and slip are then merged and presented to an intelligent bagging machine.
  • The bag is trimmed to the length of the product, ensuring the optimal bag size for the packed product.


In this case the benefits are:


  • The automated solution increases the pack line efficiency as the printing labelling and bag solution are integrated with the product flow automatically, Imio scans both SKU and pack slip to ensure integrity.
  • Client IT input is at a minimum, all functions are controlled by a single software package which communicates directly with all systems and collates data for processing and reporting.
  • It provides a single point of control and reporting for outbound order processing.


Imio can either reside on dedicated servers or in a virtual environment – a priority in either case is resilience, Conveyor Networks agreed the specification and testing criteria and each software application was tested as was the integration into the IT network. Conveyor Networks can support the installation, remotely accessing Imio and the control system to address any issues.


Imio has the flexibility to handle multi-channel orders and volumes ranging from 100’s of units per hour to 1000’s of units per hour, 24/7 and can be interrogated at any time for a real time status report on the outbound warehouse operations.

The end results
  • Real time, customer specific KPI data available from Imio
  • Increased efficiency, consistency and flexibility – improved customer experience
  • 24/7 support with remote access for PLC and high level WCS software systems.