Euro Car Parts. 2015

Automated packing solution with imio software

A software suite that would improve the throughput and security of ECPs manual and automated packing and despatch functions.

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To reduce reliance on manual operations

To provide real time reporting on defined KPIs

To improve the speed and efficiency of carrier despatch

Systems delivered

imio runs the manual and automated packing processes, including weigh scale integration. Separate carrier portals are updated continuously advising them that pallets are ready and what products are on them. A driver manifest is created following each carrier’s specific standards and Euro Car Parts is given a tracking ID at the same time. The despatch is confirmed to the host system once the carriers have collected the pallets.

Software interfaces with different host data sources

More efficient packing process

Real time logging and reporting to the host systems

Carrier integration with different carriers

Euro Car Parts
Euro Car Parts Case Study

Euro Car Parts Case Study

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