HMV Client Case Study

Established in 1921 HMV is a leading specialist retailer of music, films, games and technology products accessed in-store and via a range of digital services.


  • Automation and Hardware
  • Re-configuration of existing system
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Key Facts
  • A bespoke solution developed in partnership with the client
  • Re-designed picking and packing system making processes more efficient and increasing productivity.  In particular to cope better with increased activity during peak periods.
  • Integration of old and new conveyor systems.
The Challenge
  • Design and installation of a new conveyor system
  • To integrate an existing conveyor system from another warehouse unit
  • Re-designing the control system to work within the new set-up
Our Approach

An audit was undertaken of all existing processes to establish what could be improved and how to integrate current and new systems.  Time was spent with the team to fully understand how they worked and what their needs were.  The installation was planned so that it would be ready in time for the peak Christmas period with no disruption to existing services.  Time for testing, training and follow on support was allowed in the project planning.

The Solution
  • Brand new control panel and software
  • Efficient transportation through picking and packing process
  • Manual handling reduced to minimum and increased efficiency
  • Siemens S7 Plc incorporated into the control system to improve efficiency
  • Up to 1200 packages/hr


A number of conveyors were installed at specific points throughout the picking and packing process.  The conveyor takes the boxes from the carton making machine and transports them to the picking area.  At the picking area, ‘pickers’ take the required number of cartons from the conveyor, place them onto pick trolleys and then follow the pick path to manually pick the items and place them in boxes.  Once finished they put a pick list in the box and place the complete box onto a low level conveyor.


The low level conveyor transports the boxes to the packing area.  At this point, packers print labels and do a final quality check.  If they are satisfied, the packed box is put onto another conveyor which takes them to the carton sealer and strapper.  The pack area is a unique design which incorporates a Zero pressure accumulation system with sensors enabling completed cartons to be fast tracked through to the main carton takeaway conveyor which takes them to an area where they are loaded onto pallets for distribution.

The end results
  • An intelligent solution that efficiently transports cartons through the picking and packing process.
  • Re-use and integration of old parts
  • Increasing packing efficiencies
  • Continued 24/7 support from Conveyor Networks.