Client Case Study

Founded 1998, is a Jersey based online retailer of DVDs, CDs, video games and other electronic products. 500 employees and 7 million customers.


  • High speed sorting and packing
  • Intelligent software
  • Automation and hardware
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Key Facts
  • A scalable solution – Interface Manager is a comprehensive warehouse software suite.  Its modular design allows to purchase additional modules as they need them.
  • Packaging re-design
  • Consolidated, streamlined order fulfilment increasing efficiency and improving the delivery experience for Play.coms customers.
The Challenge
  • Design and install a bespoke high speed sorting and packing system
  • Ensure customers receive 1 parcel within UK large letter rate
  • Reduce labour costs and increase efficiency
Our Approach

An audit was undertaken of all existing processes to establish what could be improved and how to integrate current and new systems.  Time was spent with the team to fully understand how they worked and what their needs were.  The installation was planned so that it would be ready in time for the peak Christmas period with minimal disruption to existing services.  Time for testing, training and follow on support was allowed in the project planning.

The Solution
  • Intelligent warehouse software suite
  • Multiple product orders packaged in specially designed single carton
  • 3000 cartons per hour wrapped and packed on two lines
  • Sortation machine sorts up to 14,000 items per hour
  • All cartons within or below UK large letter rate
  • Postal items electronically not manually sorted


Conveyor Networks designed an intelligent automated solution incorporating hardware design, procurement and their Interface Manager software suite.  Interface Manager is a suite of warehouse software modules able to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems.  Managed via a single user interface (mobile or desktop) it is easy to use, requiring minimal training.  With its multiple function modules it can be designed to meet any customer requirements.


In this case Interface Manager drives a high speed sorting and packing system, integrating customer order information and product identification as well as all the appropriate conveyors and control systems.  A new cardboard pack for the parcels was designed and a licence plate barcode was introduced to enable better order identification. The design incorporated new pack benches which were developed and modelled for the operators.


The system sorts picked products into packing groups and transports the batches to the packing bench with all details of the customer order information retained by Interface Manager. The packing benches are equipped with handheld scanners and colour touch screen monitors that the operators use to access the order information.


The operator scans the products and Interface Manager tells the operator if there are additional items to go with that order, what they are and prints the delivery note.  The operator places the packed carton on the conveyor to go to Quality Control where sophisticated cameras look inside the carton at the product and take a barcode reading.  This is cross referenced with the customer order to check the contents are correct.  If the package is approved the system accesses the database and retrieves a shipping label.  The carton goes through the closing machine to the sortation machine and is sorted by postcode region for delivery.

The end results
  • Real time, customer specific KPI data available from Interface Manager.
  • Reduced labour costs, increased efficiency, improved customer experience
  • Continued 24/7 support from Conveyor Networks.