WHSmith, Phase 1. 2015

Efficient processing of book returns from all outlets.

Software and Automation integration – Efficient processing of book returns from all outlets.

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To reconcile goods returns data with management information from the stores and report any discrepancies.

To sort the product into single SKU format or mixed pallet loads by supplier and batches for destruction.

To reduce reliance on manual systems and sorting.

To provide audit data.

Systems delivered

imio controls an intelligent inbound, high speed sorting system with packing and labelling. Over 100 exit chutes go to individual conveyors that present the sorted product to the pack operator.


The system sorts returns products into packing groups – single, mixed or destruction. Each pack area is equipped with handheld scanners so the operator scans the chute and the barcode to match address details for later auto application.


Weighing and volumetric software means the correct amount of books for each returns batch are packed.

Efficiency savings - multiple product categories are sorted to appropriate exit routes.

Real time, customer specific KPI data

WMS integration

WHSmith Case Study

WHSmith Case Study

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