Data Mini-Series Now Available

According to Forbes magazine, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace, and that pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). 90% of the data in the world was generated over the last two years alone. Yet most businesses simply don’t know what to do with the data being generated. The impact of this on the retail industry is becoming more and more evident.

Our sister company, imio Software Solutions has created a miniseries with Professor Philip Greening from Heriot-Watt University to analyse this very scenario to understand how the volumes of data being generated can be processed and turned into meaningful information. In the warehousing and logistics industry, data can be generated at every touch point – from order receipt through to despatch and delivery, so understanding this is vital to business growth and success. Check out the four-part series below or visit imio’s website for further information.


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