Ethical Benefits Gained From Warehouse Automation

Many businesses across the UK involved in warehouse logistics are usually focusing their attention on cost reduction and improved throughput, whilst maintaining control of their stock and systems.  Whilst warehouse automation also concentrates on these factors as well as reducing errors and warehouse automationimproving customer satisfaction, there are also some ethical byproduct bonuses of intelligent automation of your logistics.  Conveyor Networks ( is a well established organisation with an experienced team of warehouse automation system and software experts.  Working with our business partners we can provide our customers with warehouse automation systems and material handling solutions which will bring far more benefits to your organisation than just reduced costs and improved output.

How can warehouse automation provide ethical benefits to our business?

Anyone who has some understanding of warehouse logistics and the impact of warehouse automation will be immediately questioning how automation can provide ethical advantages when ultimately it means reducing staff.  The online Warehouse Logistics & News publication highlighted the point on their website back in 2012;

“Although many argue that automation has contributed to our nation’s unemployment, it should be noted that many of the jobs once performed by warehouse workers were inherently unsafe.”

warehouse automationBy automating our warehouses we can provide safer working environments and also reduce repetitive tasks for employees.  Those staff remaining carry out a greater variety of roles with advantages such as;

  • Better jobs with more variety and progresssion opportunities
  • reduction in repetitive tasks reducing issues relating to repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • employees enjoy better morale due to the variety of roles and opportunities for improving skills
  • improved health & safety levels

At Conveyor Networks we provide best in class, bespoke warehouse automation and software solutions for eCommerce and logistics operations of all sizes.  With our experience and knowledge we can ensure we bring about the best advantages to your business from a cost, productivity and ethical perspective.  Other ethical benefits to engaging Conveyor Networks to help you with your warehouse automation are;

  • improved carbon footprint
  • better response to peak demands with less requirement to integrate temporary staff at short notice, safely
  • less product damage so less wastage
  • better use of warehouse space
  • automated logistics make use of environmentally friendly packaging with less wastagewarehouse automation

To find out more about the products and services that Conveyor Networks can offer see our website where you will also find testimonials from some of our existing customers

If you would like to arrange a meeting to find out more about the ethical benefits or simply discuss your warehouse automation or materials handing solutions with us then please call us on 01925 742888.

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