Intelligent Automation

Conveyor Networks has been solving a variety of material handling challenges for leading global FMCG manufacturers for over ten years.


With many manufacturers and distributors facing price pressures and challenging customer demands, alongside global competition and shorter product lifecycles, the need to continuously improve operations has never been greater.


Material Flow Systems


We offer a one-stop-shop for customised, efficient and flexible automation solutions to suit any business size. With expertise across secondary and tertiary factory processes, our range of products and services will ensure rapid throughput of large quantities of items, whether you are handling cases, cartons, trays, shrinkwraps, totes or pallets.

Connectivity – save time and money

Improve efficiency in your production halls and associated warehouses

Deliver shorter throughput times due to lean material flow processes

Introduce safer processes

Increase the speed of your despatch and product movement

Ensure safe, smooth and dynamic product transition

Tailored conveyor systems to solve complex engineering challenges

Automate traditional manual processes e.g. labelling, scanning and weighing



Value Added


Vehicle loading


Profile Checking

Weighing systems

Label application


Roller conveyors

Belt conveyors

Lift transfers

Vertical conveyors

Pallet stackers / de-stackers

Chain conveyors

Shuttle cars


Profile gauges

Lift tables

Goods lifts

Auto vehicle loading systems

Spiral conveyors

Truck loading

Flow and shrink wrap machines


Strapping and stretch wrap machines


System Architecture


We have specialist engineers to design your system architecture, electrical control systems and engineer PLC / SCADA software, to suit your specific requirements. With experience of designing and installing diverse systems.

Controls System