Is Finance For Your Capital Project Stopping You From Improving Your Warehouse Logistics?

The world today is fast paced and cost focused, with high levels of demand on time and money.  Running a business, especially one involving e commerce logistics becomes ever more challenging particularly if you are trying to keep one step ahead.  At Conveyor Networks ( our business is designing, installing and maintaining warehouse logistics and software systems.  For more information and to see what we have done for other customers take a look at our website

We understand that sometimes financing a new logistics automation system for your warehouse is above and beyond your organisation’s CAPEX capability.  So how do you drive your business forward and improve productivity without the enhanced systems and software in place.  Perhaps there is an alternative way of funding your logistics? …

Talk to Conveyor Networks about a Monthly Payment Contract to Finance your Capital Project

This is a bit like asking ‘when is a capital project not a capital project?’ the answer being ‘when it is a monthly payment contract’.  Suddenly this puts a whole new perspective on the possibility of financing that much needed upgrade to your logistics system.  An upgrade that will result in multiple financial benefits as well as productivity gains, error reduction and employee satisfaction. The question is how does it work?  If your business is a relatively small business and doesn’t have the capital to spend or finds it difficult to negotiate loans due to unpredictability of your market, then the monthly payment contract might just be the solution.

What is a Monthly Payment Contract?

A monthly payment contract is exactly as it suggests; a contract which allows your organisation to make monthly payments over a determined length contract period, with the facility for you to decide how long that contract lasts.  This is also known as a leasing system which makes financing your warehouse logistics improvements flexible and affordable.  By investing in your business this way you can conserve and control cash.  This method also facilitates your finance department in financial planning with predictable monthly payments.  What’s more because lease payments are seen as business expenses rather than long term debt it can also improve your balance sheet and in some cases there can even be tax benefits too.  By paying over time it almost becomes self funding as the benefits your company gains from the investment pays for the upgrade, resulting in less funding even for your monthly payments.

If you are having numerous management debates about how to improve your throughput or modify your logistics software systems without a major upfront financial outlay then give the team at Conveyor Networks a call on 01925 742888.

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