Geek+ Robotics

Conveyor Networks is an official UK and Ireland distributor for Geek+ robotics and AI logistics solutions.


Established in 2014, Geek+ has deployed over 200 intelligent warehouse and distribution projects across four continents, deploying more than 10,000 robots. Specialising in advanced robotic solutions for logistics businesses, Geek+ supports supply chains to pick, move, sort and retrieve products more efficiently.

Picking Solutions

Geek+ picking systems boost efficiency improvement by 200%+. Offering both performance and reliability, its picking robotics are high speed and precise, compact and heavy duty. Empowered by smart algorithms, Geek+ picking systems use the fewest robots to achieve maximum efficiency whilst improving warehouse storage capabilities.


Geek+ Goods-to-Person solution uses P series robots to move the inventory shelves and pallets to the picking station, improving the accuracy of the picking, and reducing labour intensity.


The Geek+ RoboShuttle™ bin-to-person picking solution can achieve high-density storage by using the innovative Geek+ C200 and narrow aisle design, while maintaining high efficiency.


The AislePick™ order-to-person picking system uses A-series robots to assist the worker by carrying the order boxes to the picking station, saving 30% to 50% in labour cost and improving picking efficiency by 150% to 200%.


At least 3x more productive than manual picking rate

System implementation within 3 months

Maximise warehouse space utilisation by up to 30%

Save on labour and time costs

Offers significant flexibility & scalability

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Sorting Solutions

Geek+ Sorting Systems are suitable for goods and parcel sorting, applicable to retail, apparel, pharmaceutical, FMCG, postal delivery and other industries. Designed to greatly increase sorting efficiency, the S-series robotic solutions offer high speed, QR code navigation, collision avoidance and flexible intelligent scheduling.

Floor-based Sorting

Geek+ Floor-based Sorting uses S20 series robots to sort small or middle-size parcels at the floor level. Empowered by strong algorithm, the solution monitors robot traffic and balances the task of each robot to achieve maximum sorting efficiency.

Multi-layer Sorting

With Multi-layer Sorting solution, the robots work on different level platforms, improving efficiency and utilisation of warehouse space. Packing, sorting, and loading areas are highly integrated, optimising the whole outbound process.


10x more efficient than manual solutions

Lower initial investment - ROI in less than 3 years

Increases sorting efficiency and accuracy

Rapid deployment period

High flexibility as no. robots can be adjusted with requirements

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