Guardian Angel

We are proud that much of our business is from existing customers who have been with us for many years and their feedback has driven many of our changes and initiatives.

In particular we have set up an online customer portal in response to peoples need to access account information and updates readily.

We have been running our customer feedback programme since early 2015 and the table below shows our average score against the following questions.

Customers have ranked our service from 1 – 5 where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent.

In terms of timings did everything run on schedule?

Score 4.1

Have the updates that we promised taken place and have they gone to the right people?

Score 4.0

If there have been issues how have we dealt with them?

Score 4.1

How have we worked with you – have you felt important to us?

Score 4.5

Ideally and for future reference is there anything you would have changed about the way the project was done?

Score 4.1

Would you work with us again? – YES

Score 100%