imio-ONE warehouse software installed at RangePlus

Warehouse automation and warehouse software provider Conveyor Networks have provided an automated packing system for Marketplace retailer RangePlus.

Established in 2013 by Abdul Ahad, RangePlus are a marketplace retailer selling FMCG goods (e.g. toiletries, confectionary) to UK and international markets.  Exponential growth resulted in the business moving to larger premises in 2016.

Off peak orders average 800-1000 per day.  Manual picking, packing and sorting for carrier collection was completed daily by 10 operators.  However increasing order volumes were compromising their ability to fulfil the orders efficiently, track order progression and provide good customer service.


  • Use warehouse automation to improve packing efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce order packing errors and improve customer service.
  • To enable the packing operation to cope with increased volumes at Peak.
  • Improve working conditions by reducing the amount of repetitive manual tasks.
  • To make best use of the space in the warehouse and accommodate future growth.

System delivered

Conveyor Networks recommended a phased approach so that future business growth could be accommodated.

Phase 1 is a simple packing system that combines a small conveyor system and carton sealing machine with Conveyor Networks imio-ONE software to automate the print and apply of shipping labels.

Cost per order has dropped with RangePlus now able to:

  • Increase the amount of orders packed. 1 person using the system can pack 120 orders per hour rather than 20 per hour.
  • Improve morale and health and safety as packers perform less repetitive manual tasks.
  • Reduce error rates as imio-ONE software ensures each customer receives the correct order.
  • Reduce carrier rejection rates with compliant labels.

The system is on course to deliver Return on Investment within 1 year. 

Automation and Software

The packing operator erects a carton and applies a barcode to it.  The barcode is scanned, as is the separate product barcode and the customer invoice before being placed in the carton.  These 3 pieces of information are linked together by imio-ONE to create a “container”.

The carton is placed on the conveyor where it travels to a carton sealing machine and label printer.  The auto scanner at the end of the conveyor scans the carton barcode, relaying the container details to imio-ONE which are matched to the customer order in RangePlus’ order database. This also meets the objective of being able to verify that the order has been packed

A print instruction is generated, using pre populated label templates for each carrier the business works with. (In RangePlus’ case they are Royal Mail, DHL and FedEx). The label is automatically applied to the sealed carton.

imio one warehouse software

By managing the label printing directly from the order database each customer receives the correct order, and compliant labels reduce carrier rejection rates and delivery delays.



Business Growth

Future scope allowed for in this system include more automation and the addition of a simple sortation system to deliver complete order items to carrier zones.

Conveyor Networks unique understanding of warehouse automation and software means that each system is simple and usable.  Solutions are always designed with scalability, and the customer’s forecast growth pattern in mind.  

Notes to Editors

About RangePlus

Established in 2013 by Abdul Ahad, RangePlus are a marketplace retailer selling FMCG goods (e.g. toiletries, confectionary) to UK and international markets.

About Conveyor Networks

Conveyor Networks are a UK based systems integrator and solutions provider founded in 2009 by David Carroll and Geoff Wooding.  Working from design and build through to servicing and maintenance, the company offers retail and ecommerce businesses of all sizes, best-in-class warehouse software and automation solutions.  They engineer their own software called “imio” which is a modular warehouse management system, and can run everything from conveyors and sortation, to packing lines, fully automated processes and carrier integration.

About imio Software Solutions

imio began life as a software interface to complement the automation solutions offered by Conveyor Networks Limited. Although still part of Conveyor Networks, demand for imio software has grown to the extent it is now a separate sister company of Conveyor Networks.

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