The importance of Carrier Integration as part of your Warehouse Logistics

How Carrier Integration can help you

How many of your delivery errors are traced back to information input into carriers’ online systems? Maybe you are looking at reducing these errors and streamlining your despatch systems, to ensure your warehouse logistics work seamlessly with the carriers you use for customer delivery. imio Software Solutions ( has a team of software engineers who focus on the development and updating of warehouse software including carrier integration systems. imio Carrier ( is our in-house developed software application, which provides e-retailers with real-time visibility and control over the final stages of fulfillment resulting in accurate and on time delivery to customers.

Put an end to multi-carrier inputs without putting all your eggs in one basket

Delivery has become the key battleground for customer loyalty. Impatient consumers want shorter delivery timescales and expect parcels to arrive in the agreed delivery slot and most organisations use multiple carriers in order to meet demand. However manually inputting data into different systems for each carrier is time consuming and often inaccurate. imio Carrier removes this issue providing a single platform that integrates with all the major carriers’ systems. Users will no longer have to access different portals to manually input data for different carriers. Once the customer details have been retrieved from the order database, imio Carrier software sends shipment details to the relevant carrier in the correct format. Clients who have implemented imio Carrier into their despatch systems have noticed an improvement in accuracy, speed and product tractability.

Which carriers will the Carrier Integration software link in with?


imio Software Solutions has worked with carriers across the UK to ensure that our software integrates seamlessly with a range of carriers, meeting all the carrier integration requirements of e-retailers and e-commerce logistics. imio Carrier integrates with the following carriers.


Our development programme includes the continual addition of new carriers to our database.

What are the key features offered by imio Carrier Integration Software?


To find out more visit However in summary imio Carrier improves efficiency, and reduces errors and costs:

  • Single platform integration
  • Rule based auto population
  • Carrier complaint labels printed
  • Tracking IDs generated
  • Driver manifest generated on the premises
  • Confirms parcel collection to host systems
  • Supports shipping of dangerous goods regulations

To talk to one of our experienced team about your carrier integration requirements give us a call on 01925 742888 or you can email us

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