Intelligent packing and labelling software from Conveyor Networks

Intelligent packing and labelling software from Conveyor Networks.

Warehouse logistics provider and Microsoft Silver application development partner Conveyor Networks are launching their latest Interface Manager software release at the Metapak Delivery Conference on 3rd February.  Hands on demonstrations of two applications – IM Pak and IM Designer – will take place at Conveyor Networks stand (20).

Automating packing

IM Pak is an application that guides and checks the manual pack process.  Seamlessly interfacing with a host data source it takes order information and relays a series of operator prompts via a PC and monitor or a touchscreen once the product barcode has been scanned.

  • Recipient confirmed
  • Single or multi quantity order identified
  • Correct shipping label selected and printed

A much faster more efficient pack process is created as well as improved management reporting and security as the software logs all user events. Shipping and carrier despatch can also be managed through IM Pak. Once the carrier has logged in IM Pak selects the orders to send out, sends the details to the carrier system and prints the despatch manifest.  The despatch is then confirmed to the WMS or other host system.

Cost effective automated labelling

IM Designer is an application that allows users to design any document using simple drag and drop design tools. It is most frequently used in ship note and packslip design and its ability to automatically populate defined fields from a host database means that it is faster, more secure and less error prone than manual label print packages.  Currently in use at UK retailers such as QVC it can be used with any Windows compatible printer and has the advantage of printing the highest quality barcodes reducing the level of no reads and increasing carrier acceptance.

Both applications are in use at UK retailers such as QVC and Debenhams and are available immediately. Installation and training support are provided although both have the advantage of working with existing IT set ups and are easy to use.

Interface Manager is an intelligent warehouse software suite for e-commerce, retail and FMCG.  It links virtual host systems (e.g. ERP, WMS) to physical operations and can be used for complete process management (inbound and outbound) or as discreet applications.

For further information contact Conveyor Networks on

01925 757543


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