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Peak Planning can help when Peak Trading puts all parts of the warehouse under pressure. With so much to put in place, peak planning and preparation should start early.

A key element is to make sure all parts of your system are well maintained and fit for peak volumes.  It’s also worth having a plan in place so you can minimise downtime if you do have a breakdown.

Conveyor Networks have a number of service packages which can be tailored to specific operations.

Health checks

Our engineers can either carry out regular checkups as part of a support package or one off checks as and when needed. Either way you have more peace of mind that your system can cope with Peak requirements.

What the health check includes:

  • Visual inspection and equipment checks with reporting on performance & functionality.
  • Feedback on equipment design, suitability and “fit for purpose” compliance.
  • Health & Safety report, detailing any current or potential issues.

Preventative maintenance

A pre-agreed maintenance program tailored to the type of system you have and the demands placed on it.

Regular maintenance has the advantage of spreading your costs, maintaining optimum performance and preventing major breakdowns.

Spare parts service

Having a stock of the correct spare parts keeps everything running smoothly and in the event of a breakdown reduces downtime significantly. Conveyor Networks can advise on exactly what you need and make sure you have a supply of essential spares.

We partner with a wide variety of automation suppliers enabling us to supply spares throughout the UK at discounted prices.

Working with Conveyor Networks

We offer tailored support, servicing and training for software, IT, mechanical and electrical support:

  • PLC and software support with 24/7 emergency call out where required.
  • Maintenance schedules specific to your operations.
  • Fast, straightforward spares order process.
  • Onsite or remote training.

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