Planning for seasonal peaks

Seasonal peaks demand puts every stage of your logistics processes under scrutiny.  Taking the time to identify operational and/or IT issues and put breakdown recovery plans in place makes it much more likely you’ll meet your customers’ expectations.

  1. Review past performance to identify process or layout issues that might impact key stages such as picking and packing.
  2. Plan early for the numbers of seasonal workers needed and how they will work with your existing more experienced people.
  3. Put training programs in place for new recruits and consider refresher training for existing staff especially if normal working practices are being changed to cope with the additional demand.
  4. Preventative maintenance goes a long way to making sure your systems are optimized for maximum throughput – assess the overall condition, check the service record and your stock of essential spares and re-order if necessary.
  5. Finally have a breakdown recovery plan – this might involve having engineers on site or organizing external support.

Working with Conveyor Networks gives you tailored support, servicing and training.  We offer software, IT, mechanical and electrical support including:

  • PLC and software support with 24/7 emergency call out where required.
  • Maintenance schedules specific to your operations.
  • Fast, straightforward spares order process.
  • Onsite or remote training.

Our team have extensive experience and we have close partnerships with leading suppliers allowing us to minimize disruption and downtime for clients.

For further details on our support packages contact Ian Jarvis, Customer Service Director on 01925 742888.  Examples of our work can be found here.


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