Ensure your Warehouse is Prepared for Peak with Automated Packing

Whilst consumers may still be thinking about summer, logistics and warehouse managers are already discussing how their operations will manage the automated packinginevitable peak demand impact of this year’s Black Friday.  The pressure to deliver, not only on time but as soon as possible after orders have been placed, increases each year as expectations grow ever higher.  Planning ahead to ensure your warehouse is set up to manage the uplift in orders is key to successfully delivering promises and goods in the aftermath of the buying surge resulting from Black Friday.  Conveyor Networks  (www.conveyornetworks.co.uk) has helped numerous organisations set up their warehouse with automated packing systems to ensure the Black Friday demand does not cripple their operations.

How can an automated packing line facilitate order throughput?

Installing an automated packing line in your warehouse can make a significant impact on your organisation’s ability to turn orders round fast.  Conveyor Networks can ensure your automated packing line is installed, your staff are trained and an appropriate spares and support contract is in place.  Your management will benefit from a number of noticeable improvements.  Your operation will be able to:

  • manage high order volumes
  • scale up to cope with peak orders
  • pack a varied product range – including packing items which require bagging or boxing
  • benefit from additional space as the automated line takes up less room than traditional operations
  • reduce errors with joined up packing processes and improved tracking.

Conveyor Networks are well established in the industry and experienced in setting up automated packing lines.  Automated print labelling can also be built into your automated packing system, which provides precise label applications and consistent print quality resulting in faster and more accurate processes.

What are the advantages in having an automated packing line for peak ordering?

Apart from all the advantages listed above, being able to scale up your automated packing line to meet peak demand also means reduced labour costs, as you will no longer need to recruit and train seasonal workers.  Conveyor Networks can also add warehouse software to manage your warehouse logistics, which provides additional visibility with real time data transfer and rule based decision making, ultimately resulting in more accurate reporting. automated packing

To find out more about how automated packing lines might benefit your operation you can read about a recent installation we managed for another customer https://conveyornetworks.co.uk/imio-one-warehouse-software-installed-rangeplus/.  Range Plus can now pack 120 orders in the time they used to pack 20, so immediately it is clear that the throughput capability has significantly increased.

We look forward to discussing the potential benefits your organisation can realise from the design and installation of an automated packing line in your warehouse.  Contact us on 01925 742888 or email us info@conveyornetworks.co.uk with your requirements and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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