Barcode Label Automation

Fully automated print & apply label applicators are quick, extremely precise, consistent and low maintenance. Print and apply systems can be designed for any packaging including bags and boxes.


Print & apply label applicators are frequently used to:

  • Uniquely barcode a product for identification and automation
  • Print a label onto a consumable (i.e. on food cartons)
  • Print shipping label on packaging

Types of Print & Apply

Case Labelling

Any side of a case can have a label applied, which means you need a solution that can meet this requirement. Labelling applicators are specifically designed for 90° , top down or regular side printing and apply.


Corner wrap labelling can be applied in certain circumstances, however our recommendation would be to implement a dual labelling approach (front, side or front & side application), to reflect GS1 global standards and ensure correct orientation of the barcode, whilst retaining quality.


Print and apply units are capable of printing up to 4,800 labels per hour, depending on the application method

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Bag Labelling

Bag print and apply label applicators are the perfect solution for an automated bagging line. The print and apply unit can be placed inside automated bagging machines (where suitable), achieving a perfectly placed label while reducing space requirements and controls costs.


Print and apply units of this style are capable of printing up to 3,000 labels per hour, however when placed within a bagging machine a throughput of around 1,000 units per hour is an expected.

Pack Labelling

Pack print and apply label applicators are non-contact, offering advantages for shrink wrapped packages with oddly shaped or curved edges by still giving a readable barcode finish.


High speed labelling systems or continuous operation systems are capable of over 160 products per minute, with perfect accuracy. Certain systems allow for label replenishment or preventative maintenance without having to stop the machines, so your lines keep running.

Pallet Labelling

Pallet Print and apply label applicators are capable of applying labels on up to 3 sides of a pallet, without the need to rotate the pallet on a turntable. However GS1 standards of best practice recommend two identical labels on each unit, one label on the short side and the second to be placed on the adjacent long side.

By automating this process, enables the application of labels on 2 sides of a pallet up to 250 times per hour.

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