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A wide range of automation products

From smaller solutions to full system design we offer objective advice and have partnerships with a wide range of suppliers allowing us to provide the best fit solution.

From legacy systems to the latest technology Conveyor Networks have the expertise to address your issues.

Tote/case conveyors

A simple conveyor system will improve efficiency, productivity and Health and Safety. We can provide a variety of high quality conveyor systems (simple or more complex) such as roller, belt, gravity and flexible conveyors.

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Pallet conveyors

Automating the pallet handling process is excellent for speeding up loading and transporting and improves Health and Safety. Conveyor Networks can ensure that any pallet handling system can be integrated with your existing system. Other machinery can also be incorporated into a system to help processes such as labelling, strapping or wrapping.

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Elevating solutions

Spiral conveyors or goods lifts are an effective solution in a small space, handling the incline or decline of a mixed product range. We can offer a range of solutions through our partners.

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Automated bagging

Rapid, secure packaging suitable for a variety of products range. Automatic sizing reduces packaging waste.

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Automated Packaging Systems

Carton automation

A robust packaging solution that reduces returns of damaged goods and improves throughput.

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Labelling solutions

Improves print and apply speeds and maintains a consistent print quality. Enables precise application onto a variety of product types, from bags to boxes.

Weighing solutions

Improve accuracy and ensure compliance with regulations where necessary with functions such as dynamic weighing, volume measuring and counting.

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Sorting systems

Conveyor Networks have vast experience across a range of solutions covering all types of sorting systems for all types of products. These range from high speed sorting machines (split tray, tilt tray, cross belt) where up to 18,000 products per hour or more need to be sorted through to mid-range solutions such as swivel wheel where up to 6000 products per hour can be achieved.

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