Scanning & Weighing

Automated scanning is used to identify an item within the conveyor system and is critical to data auditing and personalised automation systems (i.e. apply a shipping label)


Scanning can be used to sort, count, measure, recognise and verify the position, size and shape of an item.


You can scan anywhere from 1 side of an item through to all 6 sides. Item dimensions calculations can also be performed. Combining scanning with a weigh scale (DWS) can allow you to make smart automated decisions based on each item being shipped.


Types of Scanning & Weighing


1 Sided Scanning

Single sided scanning is the most cost effective scanning method. Using single sided scanners is much more economical, however gives you less flexibility with product positions on the conveyor.


This can be the most appropriate scanning system for:


  • Scanning a piece of paper on an automated line
  • Scanning a product that is always only face up
  • Scanning a box that is always positioned in a set direction

2-5 Sided Scanning

2-5 sided scanning is the most common scanning method allowing room for flexibility in barcode placement, resulting in reduced no reads and lower staff training requirements.


This is the most appropriate scanning system in most situations as it has a good balance between cost vs functionality.

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6 Sided Scanning

6 Sided Scanning

6 sided scanning allows for 360° scanning, reading barcodes on every face of a product.


6 sided scanning is extremely effective at reducing the chance of a no read and thus improving productivity and average throughput of a scanning array. The scan of the bottom side of the product is performed by scanning the gap between two conveyor belts.

Weigh Scales

Weigh scales are able to take the weight of a unit/ product. Weigh scales are typically found in the following locations of a conveyor system:


  • Desk top scales at packing stations
  • Conveyor scales at packing stations
  • Conveyor scales within the conveyor system
  • Conveyor scales within a dimension / scanning system

Dimension-Weight-Scan (DWS)

A Dimension-Weigh-Scan (DWS) system is an all-in-one package information solution. When a package runs through the DWS, the product is scanned for any barcodes, whilst the packages dimensions and weight are recorded.


This full product data is very useful within automation to determine the most economical freight options and lorry maximum weight and size restrictions.

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