Spares in the Spotlight

Despite the fact that Christmas shopping has now finished, the challenges facing retailers from the peak season haven’t ended just yet. There is still a large job to do to manage the growing trend of returns, making sure that customers receive a hassle-free process and refund.

For many this means identifying ways to maintain and improve performance and efficiency, whilst reducing costs. Spare part inventory is key to establishing a strategy that will minimise performance disruption and solve problems before they arise.

With the returns loops of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK being tied up in until middle of December, it is a fair assessment that Christmas purchases will be returned throughout this month. For many retailers the challenges of peak and the returns cycle are still very much fresh in the minds of their warehouse and logistics managers, which is why now is the perfect time to review where operational improvements can be made.

We all know that retailers are having to adapt to the changing market in order to retain customers and survive. As the e-commerce market continues to grow it will become more important that supply chains are able to effectively handle both the forward and reverse product networks.

January is the perfect time to review challenges and wish lists and develop clear criteria, which will help warehouses categorise spares that are critical to your operational needs. The aim should always be to strategically design a warehouse to meet the demand at any time of the year, especially as returns are now being placed in the spotlight.

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