Conveyor Spares

Having a stock of the correct conveyor spare parts will keep you system running smoothly and in the event of a breakdown reduces downtime significantly. Conveyor Networks can advise on exactly what you need and make sure you have a supply of essential spares. We partner with a wide variety of conveying and automation suppliers enabling us to supply spares throughout the UK at discounted prices.

Conveyor Belts

We can source all types of spare conveyor belts available including smooth conveyor belts, grip conveyor belts, chevron conveyor belts and marked conveyor belts. All conveyor belt spare parts are available in a range of of width and colour options.

Gravity & Rollers

Conveyor rollers come in all shapes and sizes. We supply all types of conveyor roller from carrying rollers, impact rollers, return rollers and HDPE conveyor rollers. We can source a variety of brands to best suit your needs.

Drive Bands

Drive belts and bands are a wearable, but important part of a conveyor system. We supply drive belts and bands for any conveyor system.

Photo Cells

Photo cells and photo cell reflectors can be a critical part of your spares package. We supply multiple brands of photo cells and reflectors to work with your current conveyor system.


Conveyor belt and roller motors can vary in size and power, depending on your application and requirements. Speak to our Spares Team today to keep your conveyor systems moving.

Drum Motors

Through our partner network we can supply a wide range of drum motors.  Speak to our sales team today about how we can help you get the right spares for your system.


Emergency stops are one of the most important safety features on your conveyor belt system, however they are often caught and broken by users. Make sure Emergency Stops form part of your spares checklist.


Conveyor belt isolators help to keep your maintenance team safe when working on the system by isolating the power supply.


To start and stop your conveyor system, you’re going to need one of these!


Pneumatic actuators of all shapes, bores and strokes available. We also supply cabling and fittings!


Make sure you have a stock of bearings for your conveyor systems to prevent unplanned breakdowns.


Fixtures and fastenings for all things conveyor system related. Keep your conveyor system well maintained and reduce downtime.

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When is the best time to order spare parts?

We would always recommend allowing plenty of time ahead of your peak period to prepare your warehouse or distribution centre in order to deliver a seamless end to end process for your customers. Review and categorise spares that are critical to your operational and make sure you have an appropriate package in place to ensure any unexpected downtime is minimised.

How to order spare parts?

Spare parts packages can be mechanical, electrical or control based or even a mix to suit your system and requirements. In order to provide you with a quotation for a required spare part as quickly as possible, we would always ask that, where possible, you supply us with a part number(s), dimensions and if possible a relevant picture. Please do give us a call if you have any queries on placing a spares order.

What spare parts should I stock up on?

We would always recommend keeping track of your spare parts stock at all times. If you’re unsure of what you might require, Conveyor Networks can provide a formal report on system performance, recommendations for further work and record all automation speeds. Having the appropriate part available for repair as soon as possible can prevent system downtime and reduce costs associated with this downtime.

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Working with Conveyor Networks gives you tailored support, servicing and training.  We offer software, IT, mechanical and electrical support including:

PLC and software support with 24/7 emergency call out where required.

Maintenance schedules specific to your operations.

Fast, straightforward spares order process.

Onsite or remote training.

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