Automated solutions

Fast, seamless delivery to different locations such as click and collect, home delivery or third party collection points is a key consumer service expectation.


Working from design and build through to servicing and maintenance, we offer retail and ecommerce businesses of all sizes, best fit warehouse software and automation solutions.


Problems we solve

Systems Images Receiving

Goods in systems

The most important part of your processes to get right. Having the ability to track what has arrived, know where it needs to go and move it out of the way quickly keeps you in control.  Using barcodes and SKUs allows you to scan products in without delay, matching them to the correct vendor and putaway location.


Conveyor Networks can supply the correct software packages to enable this as well as automated systems for palletised or loose goods improving throughput and safety.

Putaway systems

Whatever your storage strategy, being able to track and record the movement of goods and optimise routes goes a long way to making your processes more efficient.  Automating some of this process, for example with Sorting allows products to be routed to the correct zones reducing travel time and handling. Lifts to high level areas save space and speed up travel time.


Different product types such as cartons or items that are decanted into totes require different types of automation.  Conveyor Networks can advise on the most appropriate system for each requirement.

Picking Systems

Picking systems

Getting your picking process right has a big impact on customer satisfaction and there are lots of different ways to reduce errors and time walking around the warehouse.  Conveyor Networks can advise in all areas of picking – RF scanning, Pick to Light, Voice picking, goods to man, man to goods and ASRS. 

Packing systems

Intelligent software and automation will improve productivity, efficiency and customer service.  They provide effective use of space and manpower, joining up separate processes, reducing errors and speeding everything up.


Whether your product range requires bags or cartons Conveyor Networks have a number of manual and automated solutions fully supported by warehouse management software for additional accuracy and efficiency.


Despatch systems

For businesses with multiple carrier partners automation from packing to carrier zones can have a major impact.  Sorting in particular improves the accurate delivery of complete order items to carrier zones with faster, clearer processes and accurate tracking.  From pallets to individually bagged and boxed goods.


Conveyor Networks can also provide Carrier Integration software using our imio software platform.  imio provides access to multiple carrier platforms, automating all aspects of carrier communication and improving accuracy, speed and product traceability.

QVC Downloads

Our case study shows the benefits of an automated packing system

Our video shows how software and automation are relevant to each area of the warehouse